Renay West is from Houston, Texas.  She is an ordained minister, author, & missionary evangelist.  She has served with Assemblies of God World Missions since 1997.

After 7 years in Thailand, Renay transferred to Argentina, where she founded the ministry Aguas de Sanidad (Healing Waters). Since that time, God has given her the opportunity to minister freedom and healing to thousands in Argentina and beyond, including Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Spain, Italy, Fiji, Ecuador, Chile, Africa, and China. Aguas de Sanidad has now been planted in the South Pacific with the government of Fiji, and is known as the social foundation "Breaking the Silence". Similar ministries have also been planted in Chile and Italy.

A gifted communicator who nurtures a dependency on the Holy Spirit as she ministers, she travels extensively, bringing a prophetic message of hope, freedom and transformation. Renay now bases out of Bangkok, Thailand and serves as the only woman assigned as a missionary evangelist with the Assemblies of God World Missions.